Bison Solutions Ltd.: About
Mani Khaghani, Bison Solutions Ltd., BSL Training, Bison Solutions Training: False Advertising and Reviews
The truth behind Bison Solutions Ltd., BSL Training, and their prime agent and former owner, Mani Khaghani

Bison Solutions Industrial Staffing / Employment Agency of Nisku and Edmonton Alberta, and its Mani Khaghani do not pay many of their workers or creditors. But they do not have a problem with hiding reviews or the truth. They also do business as BSL Training Ltd.


Yasmin Ayatollahi, wife of Mani

She has been the director of Bison Solutions Ltd., where ownership and control has been shifted to her to allegedly avoid creditor or investor suspicion. This given Mani Khaghani’s history of non-payment to creditors and workers. He has been taken to court 5 times as of August 2019, and Bison Solutions has twice.

This does not include any additional disputes or claims that may have surfaced since then. This also does not include any claims that may have surfaced in courts outside Alberta.


BSL Training Ltd. and Bison Solutions Training Ltd.

Mani Khaghani is also known to own and/or operate Bison Solutions Training Ltd., later revised to BSL Training Ltd.: which does business as “BSL Training”. 

Mani Khaghani and Bison Solutions Ltd. False Advertising

Mani and Bison pay people to produce false reviews, or writing them themselves under different aliases or anonymously. They aggressively have true reviews removed, such as on job posting sites like Indeed, and on Google. Thus, part of our work is to reproduce true records before they manage to have them removed from the public.

Many do not find out the truth behind Bison and Mani under these circumstances, until it is too late.


Bison Solutions Ltd. & Mani Khaghani: Court Abuse

Their prime weapon against unpaid workers: lawyers and Alberta’s taxpayer-funded legal system

Tired of paying too much taxes? Guess where some of your tax money is going: Former employees and vendors have been attacked using lawyers and the Courts.

Bison and Mani produce accusations and file materials through the courts with little to no actual relevant evidence backing their claims. Valuable taxpayer dollars are wasted as the Courts deal with their nonsense. They count on victims of attacks to not stand up for themselves. 

Dealing with Bison Solutions Ltd., Bison Solutions Training, or Mani Khaghani

We advise that if you have been victims of such attacks: to not be afraid to stand up for yourself. They historically have wasted tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees for little to no net benefit to them. 

Unpaid Creditors of Bison Solutions Ltd.

The list of unpaid creditors, whether it be a company performing safety training or other services, or unpaid workers/employees, is growing. We invite you to join the movement as we understand the process of seeking justice on your own can be daunting. 

Also, Canada is a wonderful country with the right of free speech. If you do not respect the ways of Canada, then you should not be here.

How to find out if someone has declared bankruptcy

Curious if Mani Khaghani or Bison Solutions Ltd. have declared bankruptcy? The Government of Canada maintains a public database of parties who have declared bankruptcy in Canada. Unfortunately, they do charge for it, as to discourage unnecessary use of the information.


Bison Solutions Ltd. used to be a thriving oilfield and industrial service company, starting as an employment / staffing agency. Then as the ownership changed and Mani Khaghani brought his family on board, everything started going downhill.

Unpaid workers and other creditors have been the prime breeding ground for legal action and government investigations by CRA, OH&S, and Employment Standards.

It is suspected that “BSL Training” (also Bison Solutions Training Ltd.) may be a semi re-branding attempt to cover up Mani and Bison’s past.

Apart from unpaid debts: Mani had been arrested and charged with assault in May 2019 for physically attacking an employee seeking unpaid wages. His status in the criminal courts is unknown at this time of writing.

Bison Solutions Ltd. and BSL Training are engaged in the following services:

• Nitrogen Operation
Nitrogen is utilized in many industries. Due to Nitrogen’s non-toxic properties it can be utilized for many operations such as purging and inerting equipment. Although, nitrogen does displace oxygen and cause asphyxiation, its consistent characteristics allow predictable results for plant and facility operations. Bison Solutions Ltd. can provide experienced personnel, appropriate equipment and aid your business by finding the right services for your company.
• Pressure & Steam Washing, Manpower, Staffing, Temporary Employees
• Shutdown and turnarounds • Safety training • Drug and Alcohol Testing • Heavy Equipment Pressure Washing • Fleet Pressure Washing • Tank Pressure Washing • Residential/Commercial Pressure Washing