Legal Proceedings – Bison Solutions, Mani Khaghani

Bison Solutions Ltd. and Mani Khaghani of Alberta have been sued or legally pursued many times. They have adversely affected the lives of many. This list is current and last updated as of August 2019. It does not include any new claims / lawsuits / disputes against Mani Khaghani (“Mani”; “Manie Khaghani”) or Bison Solutions Ltd. that may have surfaced since then.

BSL Training, Bison Solutions Training Ltd.

Mani Khaghani and/or Bison Solutions Ltd. is also known to operate BSL Training Ltd., or more formerly, Bison Solutions Training Ltd.

Court/Legal Actions against Mani Khaghani and Bison Solutions Ltd.

This also does not include any ongoing disputes between creditors, Bison Solutions Ltd., and Mani, nor does it include any lawsuits, disputes, or actions in courts outside Alberta.

“ABQB” stands for Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench.

  1. Royal Bank of Canada v. Mani; ABQB – Default judgment issued against Mani.
  2. CONDO CORP. 0728747 v. Mani; ABQB – Settled outside court.
  3. An individual v. Mani; ABQB: State Claim – Motor Vehicle.
  5. Her Majesty the Queen v. Mani; Leduc Criminal Courts: Assault Charge
  6. An individual v. Bison Solutions Ltd.: Wrongful Dismissal Claim
  7. A corporation v. Bison Solutions Ltd.: Civil Debt Claim

This is public information and available at the Edmonton Law Courts and the Leduc Criminal Court.

Yasmin Ayatollahi: Mani’s Wife Utilized to Dodge Creditor Suspicion and Court Abuse Agent

In around February 2019: Mani Khaghani switched his ownership and director position in Bison Solutions Ltd. over to Yasmin Ayatollahi, his wife. This due to his rampart history of non-payment to creditors. This so to avoid creditor and prospective investor and lender suspicion, and to abuse the courts for his attacks using his wife as an agent.

PAST Bison Solutions Ltd. and Mani Khaghani Court Case Searches

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