Viroshock Ltd. & Envirolize Technologies: COVID-19 Risk, Unpaid Workers & Vendors
Viroshock Ltd. & Bison Solutions Nisku, Alberta

Bison Solutions Ltd., BSL Training Ltd., and Mani Khaghani’s new Company

VIRO SHOCK LTD., (or normally known as Viroshock Ltd.) is the next company incorporated by Mani Khaghani (“Mani”) and another undisclosed individual to leave their past behind. It also does business as Envirolize Technologies.

Mani’s Bison Solutions Ltd. and BSL Training Ltd. (“Bison & BSL Training”) have a lengthy history of attacking unpaid employees (including an assault charge laid against Mani), and not paying employees, contractors, and vendors. VIROSHOCK LTD. (Envirolize Technologies) is suspected to be Mani’s new company to leave behind his past, and diverting assets of his own, and Bison & BSL Training in the process.

As of August 2019, Mani Khaghani had 7 court actions against him. This did not include any additional litigation or disputes he had been involved in that did not make it to the courts yet, or surfaced since then.

Mani Khaghani of Bison Solutions Ltd., BSL Training vs. CRA, BSL Training

I can’t wait to meet my uncle Sam from CRA… …I’ll give him 1000 pages to keep him busy for days at fucking library… he will not come back in four years.

Mani Khaghani of Viroshock Ltd., Bison Solutions Ltd., and BSL Training Ltd. responding to CRA audit/investigation.

Envirolize Technologies & Viroshock: Mani Khaghani’s Cover-Up of the Past

As an individual responsible for forming and operating Bison & BSL – companies with long histories of unpaid workers and vendors – Mani’s new formation of VIROSHOCK (Envirolize Technologies) extends this legacy. Mani, Bison & BSL Training have a history of lawsuits and alleged tax evasion investigations by CRA against them. VIROSHOCK (Envirolize Technologies) is to be their new avenue to restart their offences under a new banner.

Incorporated on June 8, 2020: VIROSHOCK LTD. is also located at the same address of Bison Solutions Ltd. and BSL Training Ltd: #1 1008 17 Ave. Nisku, Alberta.

Mani Khaghani of Bison Solutions Ltd., BSL Training vs. CRA "Uncle Sam". Yasmin Ayatollahi, BSL Training

Unkle Sam, if Donald Trump doesn’t pay taxes for twenty years in a legit and leagal way and he becomes the president of the United States… I’m doing my homework too and look forward to meeting you tomorrow morning.

Mani Khaghani of Viroshock Ltd., Bison Solutions Ltd., and BSL Training Ltd.
Bison Solutions, Viroshock Ltd., Mani Khaghani, BSL Training, Yasmin Ayatollahi lawyer and court abuse to not pay people.

I’m willing to… [spend money on lawyers]… but not letting these fuckers making easy money

Mani Khaghani of Bison Solutions Ltd., BSL Training Ltd., Viroshock Ltd.

VIROSHOCK / Envirolize Technologies: Unethical, and Unqualified to be Handling COVID-19

Mani’s Viroshock/Envirolize Technologies are not qualified to be handling COVID-19 cleaning, prevention, or disinfectant activities. Render or hire their services, personnel, or equipment at your own risk. You may in fact, increase your exposure, or risk of spread, of COVID-19. Not only this, but you will be supporting a regime with a history of not paying workers, vendors, attacking them, and alleged tax evasion.

Mani Khaghani and Viroshock Ltd. racist poor treatment of Bison Solutions, BSL Training workers.

It’s wrong, it’s not safe